O I L   F O R   E D U C A T I O N

Everyone knows that unfortunately we do not all get the same opportunities in life. We don't have to strive for full equality, but the differences are often too extreme. Oil for Education does its utmost to make a difference in this; reduce the level of abundance in certain parts of the world and let it flow to the populations that can use it well.

Many people recognize the sad poverty problem, but sometimes they don't know how to act or what they can do to make a difference. This is where Oil for Education saw an opportunity; as a western society we increasingly use olive oil; not only in the kitchen but also for our body. Olive oil has been eaten for thousands of years to promote good health and a healthy skin. And this is exactly where Oil for Education has built a bridge. You buy a versatile bottle of this "liquid gold" and help someone 7000 km away to get the chance that is so obvious to us; go to school, learn something and get further in life.

In Puglia, Italy, the olives are harvested for the delicious olive oil. The entire proceeds will go to the Oil for Education foundation. The main purpose of this foundation is to enable education for children in third world countries, in addition to providing assistance to people in need in the broadest sense of the word.

Yoek Oil for education

Projects in Kenia
The olive oil proceeds are used to support various projects in Kenya. In Sirimba, there is a small hospital that will be rebuilt and extended in order to make it accessible for the entire population of the village. Plans are being made to realize more accommodation to let the kids stay overnight close to school. Right now they have to walk one to two hours and after their arrival they go straight to church at 7AM.

An education project has been started in Lodwar, where they work very hard to build up the country. It’s not the goal to let everyone go to a university, they want people to work on the development of their own village and region, and not that people are moving to other countries for an individual, better future. The goal is that people learn to take care of themselves and their family, to educate them of how to grow their own veggies and fruit, and there is for example a micro bank to provide them with the opportunity to start a small business

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