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The Cycling Shorts

The Cycling Shorts
By Yoek 2 mai 2019 7840 Views

Not really into biking? Obviously we are, here in The Netherlands as proper Dutchies, but still – if you're not a cycling fan you can still look like you are! Be fashion-forward and wear this summer's must-wear trend! The cycling shorts are a tomboy alternative to feminine dresses and skirts; wear them with a long, oversized tunic or a sharp blazer.

The classic sports piece was already made iconic by Princess Diana in the 90s, and has now been turned into a trend by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian who were the first to discover it. The style was also all over the catwalks for this summer season.

You might have noticed the shorts in stores or on social media already, since they became big news the last couple of months! We took a while to get used to the skin-tight style which reminds us of the 80s and 90s. Wear it with statement sneakers or heels, your most favourite long tunic and look summer-fresh ‘nd cool! Some of you might belong to the NO-group still, but surely you will be convinced in a while. We just love the look when wearing it with a trendy, boyfriend blazer, since you will see the maximum impact of the silhouette.

Off you go, on a bicycle or not, but stylish for sure!

Want to take your trendy cycling look to the next level? Follow this Summer's other trend: neon! Add a bright orange, pink, green or yellow item to your all-black outfit to get that chic street look. It will instantly bright up the dull street and grey mornings, plus; you will definitely make some heads turn! When the sun comes out, the neon colour will look even prettier on you.